If your child is ill, PLEASE CANCEL your piano Lesson for that day.
Call or Text 250-881-5549.
Unlike teachers in the school system, Ron does not have a ‘sub’ that can teach for him, and, he is POA for the health of his 78 year old sister who is in a Care Facility in Ontario.  He has to fly out on a moment’s notice in the event of an emergency.
Obviously, Ron wants to avoid being sick. He also sees a lot of people weekly and does not want to inadvertently spread any viruses to other families. If a student comes to a lesson and Ron considers that the student is too ill to perform that day, NO Makeup Lesson will be offered for that particular date.The Piano is a hands-on instrument

Cancelled Lessons/Makeup Lessons

Many Teachers DO NOT offer make-up Lessons.  musiciswaycool  offers makeup Lessons, but, it is too demanding on the Sandor family to do make-up Lessons every day of the week. Please note the following:
• Cancellations will only be accepted due to illness or emergencies. To cancel your piano lesson due to illness or emergency, please do the following:
…before noon on the Lesson day, please email me a message at AND, contact me prior to the Lesson on my cell at 250-881-5549 by phone or text.
Please do not schedule other appointments during your lesson time (including dental and medical appointments or sporting activities).
• Cancellations will not be accepted due to baseball, soccer, swimming or other sports-related conflicts at any time throughout the year. Occasionally a trade in time can be negotiated.
• Make-up Lessons (Maximum – 4 per year) due to cancellations will be offered from Wednesdays thru Saturdays. All makeup Lessons will take place at Ron’s Studio (unless otherwise negotiated).
• Regular lessons will be maintained on single statutory holidays (e.g., Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day) and on school Pro-D Days. If you wish to decline the lesson, a make-up lesson will NOT be offered.
• If Ron is away (due to illness, emergency, or travel), lessons will be made up as arranged.

Visits to the Opera

To help with their music education, Ron has been taking his students to see the latest performances of PACIFIC Opera VICTORIA.

These Chaperoned visits to the Dress Rehearsals, occur three times yearly with students strongly encouraged to attend at least one performance. Many children attend all three. Costs are only $15.00 per ticket, a terrific value!

In addition to being a part of a meaningful educational experience, students have a chance to ‘dress-up’ if they want to, and, meet with other students taking piano lessons with Ron. Except for the cost of the tickets, this service is offered free by Ron.
NOTE: This Program is offered by POV and is only available to Students.