Ron Sandor of musiciswaycool travels extensively. To reach him, email works best –

If you wish to speak with Ron, call one of the 2 following mobile numbers:
250-881-5549 in Canada
Please leave a message. We want to hear from you!
…or, call 872-251-7575 in the USA.



  • Beginners: $85.00 / Month
  • Grades 3 – 5 including Examination Training: $90.00 / Month
  • Grade 6 and above: $95.00 / Month

musiciswaycool does not charge a Registration Fee.

Most Student Transfer Assessments are free.

If these are your first-ever lessons with Ron, then your first four Lessons are Free!  Why?  Because he is confident from over 30 years of teaching that you or your child will want to continue with musiciswaycool

NOTE: Each student shall receive 33 lessons over the year (Sept –June) given that the student does not cancel any regular lessons.  Payment for the ENTIRE YEAR is divided into 10  (TEN)  EQUAL Monthly Payments  regardless of how many weeks are in each Month.

Makeups are offered throughout the year but DO NOT CARRY OVER INTO THE NEXT YEAR. 

Family Discounts apply as follows:
• For 2 or more students – subtract 5% from total.
• NOTE: Family Discounts apply to students taking 30 minute lessons or longer.

Senior Discount: Seniors receive a 5% discount (for anyone over 60 years of age).

Additional Single Lesson Prices at my STUDIO

Beginners: $30.00 per 30 minute lesson (my Studio).

Grade 3 – 5:  $35.00 per 30 minute lesson (my Studio).

Grade 6 and above Conservatory: $40.00 per 30 minute lesson (my Studio).

Theory: $40.00 per 30 minute lesson (my Studio)

Lessons are to be paid monthly in advance by POST-Dated Cheques to:

Ron Sandor.

Please ensure that Post-Dated Cheques are dated the FIRST of each month.

Pre-Payment Discount: Pre-Payments are welcome with a 2% Discount

Under this discount system, any cancellation mid-year (due to long term illness or discontinuing lessons) will result in a reimbursement calculated using the total amount of the Advance Payment paid minus the months of lessons taught calculated at the Regular Monthly Rate.

Note about Recitals: Some of the costs associated with the END OF YEAR RECITAL will be required. I have considered asking each family to fund raise. I have thought about having smaller, more frequent recitals in my or someone else’s music room. However, from previous years’ responses, these choices have not proved to be altogether practical. Students are encouraged to perform in the end of year recital.
Therefore, each FAMILY will be asked to pay $90.00 dated November 1, 2017 to help cover the cost of having our Recital at the University of Victoria. (Hall Rental, Event Insurance, Staff Assistant, P.A. System & Equipment, etc.)

Families are responsible for the Recital costs, even if they choose not to or cannot perform at the End of Year Recital. You may invite anyone you like to this RECITAL. Please, contact Ron about any local business that might want to help sponsor this event.

Ron will travel to some homes to teach Piano and Theory Lessons for a Premium Cost.