My 15 year old daughter, has had piano lessons with Ron for 5 years now. Ron is an excellent and highly dedicated teacher who expects his students to show the same level of dedication to their piano playing, theory and practice. Hope enjoys her lessons with Ron, and she says he’s not just her teacher but a friend too. Ron has a quirky personality and a strong sense of fun that make lessons enjoyable. We have always found Ron to be professional, friendly and appropriate, I do not hesitate in recommending him to anyone seeking a fabulous teacher.
Laine Tetlow

My 14 year-old son has been taking lessons with Ron for 7 years, and during that time he has made considerable progress. Having picked up bad habits from a previous teacher, he had to begin with a review of what he had already learned, which was very frustrating. However, it was time well-spent as he now practices without complaining (well, not much anyway!) since he can see the end results are worth it. Although Ron may be strict in his teaching methods, he has a genuine desire to see his students excel at piano, and he cares for them all deeply. I would not hesitate to recommend Ron for all age groups.
Julie Cookson

The thing we like about Ron teaching our children to play piano is that he takes it seriously. He sees his students as a reflection of himself and he is a man who takes pride in his ability. The bottom line is, if you “really” want your child to learn how to play, Ron will be your man; if you think it would be “nice” that your child could play, Ron probably is not for you. Ron is like a big kid himself (note all of “the toys” in his studio) so he relates well with children, but he is a teacher with high expectations, a teacher that gets results.
Georgina and Edward Camilleri – (250) 595-8988

Ron was more than my piano teacher. He motivated me to work to meet the goals that I wanted to meet, in all areas. His warmth and humour exist alongside a thorough professionalism. Never condescending or discouraging, he gives feedback where it needs to be given. I would recommend Ron for students of all ages and breeds.
Ethan Lustig – (250-896-2228)

“Within a few months, Ron has taught my teenage daughter more about reading, playing and feeling music than she had learnt in the 5plus years of taking piano lessons before switching to Ron. His systematic approach, high expectations and clear instructions, combined with endless patience and lots of good humour worked wonders for our daughter’s play. I took a couple of piano lessons myself, exploring music by some contemporary Canadian composers, having lots of fun and making great progress. Ron’s yearly recitals are spectacular and would be a joy for any audience, even if not related to the performers. Thank you, Ron!
Annette Geldsetzer

There really is no way to adequately describe the impact that Ron’s teaching has had on me. He has been so much more than an amazing piano teacher over the 13 years that I took piano lessons with him. Not only does he demonstrate technical mastery in performance and effulgent lyricism in the language of music, but he also became a support figure of galvanized strength in my life during periods of hardship. I truly cannot recommend Ron highly enough.
Michael Peters

My daughter started taking piano lessons with Ron when she was 6 years old and continued until she was 16 at which time her busy extra-curricular schedule required she make some choices about activities and sadly, had to take a break from piano. Her biggest disappointment in this choice was that she was going to miss her weekly sessions with Ron who over the years has become a real mentor and friend, in addition to her piano teacher. From my observations, Ron has an unique way of relating directly to his students in a matter-of-fact, pull-no-punches manner that many young people really respond to. If practice is falling short of expectations, they will know about it. If they have worked hard and made good progress on a difficult new concept or piece, they will know about that too with genuine heartfelt praise. Ron has exacting standards and encourages his students to reach their full musical potential. The end of the year recitals are a real delight; the range of music his students are exposed to and obviously have come to enjoy and master is quite something!
Lori Moen – (250)598-9023

Ron is wonderful. He offers keen insight, an uncanny ability to know exactly what is causing the problem and how to solve it. He exudes a passion for his students to excel, while maintaining a great sense of humour. I am truly grateful as an adult student to have Ron’s wisdom and experience guiding my piano studies. After taking 30 years of various music lessons and not advancing well, Ron has helped me break through and finally play! With Ron’s dedication, and with lots of my own practice, I am confident I will reach my goals.
Zoe Sandell 250 885-2199

For years I tried to learn to play the piano. The last failed attempt was a few years ago where I just wasn’t “getting it” with the instructor I had. Then I found Ron Sandor and here I am two years later, making great progress on my piano skills. Ron challenges me to do more and I rise to the challenge. It’s not always easy to fit in all the practise time I need, but it’s a lot easier now that I actually look forward to playing. It’s never too late to learn to play the piano and if you have the right instructor, you can make it happen. I highly recommend Ron Sandor.
Stephen Hammond

My twin girls have been learning Piano with Ron Sander (Music is Way Cool) for about 6 years.  They started their musical learning with Ron from the on-set and his teaching methods and style have really connected with my kids.  I feel that his encouragement and their desire to do well themselves (and Ron) have and continue to move them forward.  I’ve seen direct application from Ron’s teaching methods to my kids school learning too; fractions in math is a breeze, as is excelling in all music lessons (band and Strings) where my kids continue to apply their musical theory to keep them ahead of the class.  They are now proud players of music, pleased to demonstrate their abilities and confident in themselves.  Thank you Mr. Ron Sander – and please continue to share your skills.
Sincerely Brent Molnar.
Thanks Brent

Ron has been teaching our children for 1 year now and I have been very impressed. Ron has high standards for his students and at the year end recital you can quickly see the excellence shine through. He makes lessons fun, and he has a teaching method I haven’t seen before, despite having had several teachers as a child. His method makes learning to read and play music much more efficient than the way I learned. He teaches various curriculum and styles of music. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this gifted teacher to anyone.

Felicity Mutadi