The next Recital will be on May ? 2020

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Note about Recitals: Some of the costs associated with the END OF YEAR RECITAL will be required. I have considered asking each family to fund raise. I have thought about having smaller, more frequent recitals in my or someone else’s music room. However, from previous years’ responses, these choices have not proved to be altogether practical. Students are expected to perform in the end of year recital.

Therefore, each FAMILY will be asked to pay $100.00 dated November 1, 2019 to help cover the cost of having our Recital at the University of Victoria. (Hall Rental, Event Insurance, UVIC Staff Assistant, P.A. System & Equipment, etc.)

Families are responsible for the Recital costs, even if they choose not to or cannot perform at the End of Year Recital. You may invite anyone you like to this RECITAL. Please, contact Ron about any local business that might want to help sponsor this event.

There is a warm and friendly Pot-luck that occurs immediately after the Recital.

We would like to thank Mr. William Singer, Owner of The RumRunner Pub and Restaurant, for his generous assistance and donations of FIVE PERPETUAL TROPHIES to be given to students each academic year!

Dress Code

Footwear: All students must wear footwear… flat shoes appropriate for piano-playing and complimentary to the rest of the clothing is required. (Only Ron may go barefoot.)

Shirts: Presentable shirts with NO LOGOS. (Hawaiian shirts are permitted, but they must not be quite as loud as Ron’s.)

Pants/Shorts/Dresses: Presentable casual or dress pants are required. Shorts are permitted, but only dress shorts. Young ladies may wear appropriate skirts or dresses. No beach-wear or gym shorts.

Trophies and Awards Presented at the Recital

Recitals: musiciswaycool students perform in Recitals at The Philip T. Young Recital Hall located on the University of Victoria campus. (Some pictures from previous Recitals can be seen on another page on this website.)”.

Certificates: All current students receive an Award Certificate for this year

The ‘William Singer Study Awards”


– At the Recital, students will be playing in one of four general categories: NOVICE, INTERMEDIATE, JUNIOR, AND SENIOR.

One student in each category will be presented with a Perpetual Trophy to keep for a period of one year (until the next recital). Each of these students has been chosen to receive a trophy because of their superior work/habits and consistency in Piano practice and Theory. These students will also receive a special commemorative award to keep forever.

The 4 trophies are called the ‘William Singer Study Awards’. Mr. William Singer has been a generous patron of our music school for many years.

‘Most Improved Student Award’
One hard-working student will receive the ‘Most Improved Student Award’, also sponsored by Mr. William Singer.